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Property Appeal        Make a good first impression  –    de-clutter and clean.  Residential or commercial sales appeal, starts with thorough interior and exterior clean-up.   Attention to basements, appliances,  floors, windows and walls are musts.  Updated kitchens and bathrooms are important to buyers.  Don’t forget to freshen-up outside.  Power wash exterior walls,  landscape the yard, and paint columns and doors.  Market Pricing Have a Comparative Market Analysis “CMA” prepared.  It will help you decide on a current market price.   Consultant with a Realtor. Market Your Property Exposure and safety are key factors in this phase of the selling process.  It is important to have in-place structures of accountability while marketing your property.  Working with a professional provides that level of assurance while putting your property in front of  interested buyers.
Contracts and Settlement There may be contingencies to Purchase Agreements (contracts).  Loan approvals contingencies -  property values and conditions are based upon Property Apprasial values and Property Inspection reports.   A poor Property Inspection report can cause a loss.  If the value of the property after appraisal does not get to the asking price, a loan may not be approved.   Other considerations - negotiating concessions on property repairs may keep a transaction in play. At settlement, expect to pay land recordation fees, settlement company fees, taxes (must be up-to-date), and liens (found by a title company). In closing, property appeal, market pricing, contract negotiation and what to expect at settlement are major points of consideration in real estate sales transactions.
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